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  • Increase of the ISOMETER® nominal voltage range
  • Used with ISOMETER® of the iso685 series
  • For medium-voltage applications up to AC 12 kV

The AGH676S-4 is used for coupling the ISOMETER® IR420-D64 to 12 kV-AC systems in offline mode.

Alternatively, the AGH676S-4 can be used in combination with iso685… for 12-kV-AC systems in online mode.

The coupling device must only be used in combination with the ISOMETER®. All device combinations listed above are not suitable for systems containing converters.

AGH676S-4 Variant(s)

TypeNominal system voltage UnCable lengthArt. No.
AGH676S-4AC, 3(N)AC 0…12 kV, 50…460 Hz2000 mmB913055

Downloads for AGH676S-4

Manuals AGH676S-4 1.6 MB DE2022/06/09 10:45:5209.06.2022 10:45:52D00096
Manuals AGH676S-4 1.6 MB EN2022/06/09 10:45:5209.06.2022 10:45:52D00096
Datasheets AGH676S-4 250.5 KB ZH2019/05/13 10:31:3213.05.2019 10:31:32D00096
Datasheets AGH676S-4 293.1 KB DE2019/09/10 10:16:1310.09.2019 10:16:13D00096
Datasheets AGH676S-4 250.5 KB EN2019/09/10 10:16:2810.09.2019 10:16:28D00096
Datasheets AGH676S-4 254.2 KB ES2019/09/10 10:16:4410.09.2019 10:16:44D00096