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Trenntransformator ES710

Isolating transformer ES710

  • Isolating transformers for medical IT systems
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Shield winding
  • Insulated mounting brackets
  • Also available as an energy-efficient variant

The transformers of the ES710 series have reinforced insulation and comply with the requirements of IEC 61558-1 / DIN EN 61558-1 (VDE 0570-1) and IEC 61558-2-15 / DIN EN 61558-2-15 (VDE 0570-2-15).

In addition, the transformers comply with the requirements of IEC 60364-7-710 / DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710) for IT systems in medical locations. The windings are galvanically isolated. In order to minimize electrical interferences, an electrostatic screen is installed between the primary and secondary winding the lead out of which is connected to an insulated terminal for connection to the equipotential bonding.
The fixing angles are isolated from the transformer core in order to guarantee an isolated installation to comply with the requirements of DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710): 2002-11, para. 710.512.1.6.2).

The transformers are available for horizontal and vertical installation. Protection against corrosion is guaranteed by a complete resin impregnation.
The transformers are designed for use in dry locations. Transformers of the SK2 series are completely encapsulated and fulfil the requirements of protection class II.


  • Built-in temperature sensors according to DIN 44081 (120 °C)
  • Screen winding with brought-out insulated connection terminal
  • Insulated mounting angles
  • Degree of protection IP00 (construction type: open)
  • Degree of protection IP23 (enclosure included)
  • Protection class I
  • Protection class II (option: completely encapsulated version)
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Classification of insulation: ta40/B
  • Connections: screw terminals
  • Noise level < 35 dB (A)(no-load and nominal load)
  • Vector group: IiO
  • VDE ENEC mark for the ES710/3150…ES710/10000 series

Isolating transformer ES710 Variant(s)

Ordering information, Dimensions, Weight

TypeABCDEFGCu weightWeightCore U/IArt. No.
ES710/3150240 mm230 mm325 mm200 mm200 mm160 mm11x28 mm15 kg49 kg180/93B924211
ES710/4000280 mm220 mm370 mm240 mm190 mm150 mm11x28 mm24 kg59 kg210/63B924212
ES710/5000280 mm230 mm370 mm240 mm200 mm160 mm11x28 mm25 kg61 kg210/73B924213
ES710/6300280 mm245 mm370 mm240 mm215 mm175 mm11x28 mm26 kg65 kg210/88B924214
ES710/8000280 mm260 mm370 mm240 mm230 mm190 mm11x28 mm27 kg74 kg210/103B924215
ES710/10000320 mm280 mm420 mm270 mm233 mm193 mm13x18 mm39 kg85 kg240/83B924216
ES710/3150K240 mm 360 mm200 mm180 mm145 mm11x28 mm15 kg49 kg180/93B924221
ES710/4000K280 mm 420 mm240 mm150 mm115 mm11x28 mm24 kg59 kg210/63B924222
ES710/5000K280 mm 420 mm240 mm160 mm125 mm11x28 mm25 kg61 kg210/73B924223
ES710/6300K280 mm 420 mm240 mm175 mm140 mm11x28 mm26 kg65 kg210/88B924224
ES710/8000K280 mm 420 mm240 mm190 mm155 mm11x28 mm27 kg74 kg210/103B924225
ES710/10000K320 mm 480mm270 mm233 mm193 mm13x18 mm39 kg85 kg240/83B924226
ES710/3150LG230 mm235 mm320 mm204 mm 240 mm9 mm15 kg49 kg180/93B924231
ES710/4000LG260 mm210 mm365 mm234 mm 280 mm9 mm24 kg59 kg210/63B924232
ES710/5000LG260 mm220 mm365 mm234 mm 280 mm9 mm25 kg61 kg210/73B924233
ES710/6300LG260 mm235 mm365 mm234 mm 280 mm9 mm26 kg65 kg210/88B924234
ES710/8000LG260 mm250 mm365 mm234 mm 280 mm9 mm27 kg74 kg210/103B924235
ES710/10000LG294mm240 mm410 mm264 mm 320 mm12 mm39 kg85 kg240/83B924236
ES710/3150SK2380 mm200 mm450 mm350 mm270 mm150 mm11 mm15 kg69 kg180/93B924241
ES710/4000SK2380 mm190 mm500 mm350 mm310 mm150 mm11 mm24 kg75 kg210/63B924242
ES710/5000SK2380 mm200 mm500 mm350 mm310 mm160 mm11 mm25 kg77 kg210/73B924243
ES710/6300SK2380 mm215 mm500 mm350 mm310 mm175 mm11 mm26 kg86 kg210/88B924244
ES710/8000SK2380 mm230 mm500 mm350 mm310 mm190 mm11 mm27 kg90 kg210/103B924245
ES710/10000SK2140 mm240 mm560 mm380 mm350 mm200 mm13 mm39 kg105 kg240/83B924246
ES710/3150S280 mm180 mm370 mm240 mm290 mm145 mm11x28 mm15 kg49 kg180/93B924261
ES710/4000S280 mm150 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm115 mm11x28 mm24 kg59 kg210/63B924262
ES710/5000S280 mm160 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm125 mm11x28 mm25 kg61 kg210/73B924263
ES710/6300S280 mm175 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm140 mm11x28 mm26 kg65 kg210/88B924264
ES710/8000S280 mm190 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm155 mm11x28 mm27 kg74 kg210/103B924265
ES710/10000S320 mm233 mm440 mm270 mm330 mm193 mm13x18 mm39 kg85 kg240/83B924216
ES710/3150S-GL280 mm180 mm370 mm240 mm290 mm145 mm11x28 mm15 kg49 kg180/93B92090001
ES710/4000S-GL280 mm150 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm115 mm11x28 mm24 kg59 kg210/63B92090002
ES710/5000S-GL280 mm160 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm125 mm11x28 mm25 kg61 kg210/73B92090003
ES710/6300S-GL280 mm175 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm140 mm11x28 mm26 kg65 kg210/88B92090004
ES710/8000S-GL280 mm190 mm420 mm240 mm290 mm155 mm11x28 mm27 kg74 kg210/103B92090005
ES710/10000-GL320 mm233 mm440 mm270 mm330 mm193 mm13x18 mm39 kg85 kg240/83B92090006

Downloads for Isolating transformer ES710

CE Declarations of conformity ES710 - DS710 96.3 KB 2023/01/09 06:50:5109.01.2023 06:50:51
Datasheets ES710 497.3 KB DE2019/05/13 10:31:3413.05.2019 10:31:34D00109
Datasheets ES710 560.8 KB EN2021/07/28 06:11:0728.07.2021 06:11:07D00109
Datasheets ES710 478.7 KB ES2019/05/13 10:31:3713.05.2019 10:31:37D00109
Datasheets ES710-GL Series 2.1 MB IT2019/05/13 10:31:3713.05.2019 10:31:37D00109
BIM files Transformers 1.9 MB EN2020/05/05 11:46:3305.05.2020 11:46:33
Manuals Sicherheits-, Montage- und Wartungshaltungshinweise für Trenn-Transformatoren 699.6 KB DE2022/06/14 07:19:0914.06.2022 07:19:09D00463
Manuals Safety, installation and maintenance instructions for isolating transformers 699.6 KB EN2022/06/14 07:19:0914.06.2022 07:19:09D00463