Switching main distribution boards in hospitals reliably

Changeover devices acc. to SIL2 up to 160 A

Switching up to 160 A - compact, safe and fast


Modern main distribution boards in accordance with DIN VDE0100-7-710 and HD 60364-7-710 require quick, safe changeover between two independent supply lines. The ATICS® changeover and monitoring devices contain all the functions for changing between two independent supply lines. The integration of the power unit and the electronics in a flat, compact device reduces the space required in the control cabinet, minimises wiring and reduces potential errors. For the maximum in reliability, ATICS® has been developed consistently in line with the guidelines on functional safety (SIL 2).

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Recommended equipment and distribution boards:

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DIN VDE 0100-710
Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen - Teil 7-710: Anforderungen für Betriebsstätten, Räume und Anlagen besonderer Art – Medizinisch genutzte Bereiche

HD 60364-7-710
Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations (IEC 60364-7-710:2002, modified); German implementation HD 60364-7-710:2012

IEC 60364-7-710
Electrical installations of buildings - Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations

IEC 60947-6-1
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 6-1: Multiple function equipment - Transfer switching equipment
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Fault current / residual current monitoring

Automatic fault location instead of a time-consuming search

Fault current

It is no longer possible to imagine medical equipment without complex computer systems and data networks. If these systems fail due to problems with the power supply or EMC interferences cause data loss, the consequences can be very severe. For these applications, Bender provides the RCMS fault current monitoring system and products for energy monitoring with PEM, which can, of course, easily be integrated into a complete electrical system with communication via Modbus or Ethernet. The advantage: If the main and sub-distribution boards are monitored with RCMS, the information can be transferred directly to the control centre. The technicians immediately know what has happened where and can solve the problem quickly.

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Recommended systems for residual current monitoring:

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Power measurement/Energy quality

Save costs easily with a better overview


Buildings engineering incorporates solutions for supply, monitoring and control of all modern buildings. These modern buildings include, among others, hospitals with systems which need to be permanently available, with a high volume of visitors and that have to recognise high levels of risk. Bender PEM products monitor the entire energy flow and help control energy and thus save money. Bender system solutions monitor the electrical systems at the key points and ensure early notification to give the extra information required before it comes to an unnecessary fault or even a shutdown in the worst case scenario. 

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Recommended systems for permanent monitoring:

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