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Q-Flow 2 Examination and Minor Surgical Light Products  
Q-Flow™ 2 is designed for use in outpatient clinics, treatment areas, general practices, emergency rooms, ICUs and delivery rooms  
ISOMETER® iso175 Products  
Insulation monitoring device for unearthed drive systems (IT systems) in electric and hybrid vehicles  
ISOMETER® isoPV1685DP Products  
Insulation monitoring device for unearthed systems in photovoltaic systems  
Q-Flow Fluent Operating Light
Q-Flow™ Operating Lights Fluent, Vision, Intelligent Products  
Q-Flow ™ operating lights are designed for general and specialised surgical procedures with maximum illumination for operating theatres.  
LINETRAXX® SmartDetect RCMS410 Products  
Four-channel DC, AC and pulse current sensitive residual current monitor for earthed AC, AC/DC and DC systems  
LINETRAXX® CTAS Series Products  
Divisible measuring current transformer  
Minor Surgery and Examination Lights Products  
Minor Surgery and Examination Lights  
Solido - double arm motorized
SOLIDO™ Pendants for Operating Theatres Products  
Solido ceiling-mount medical pendants, for use in operating theatres with a central supply of medical gas, data and electrical sockets  
VIT-A Products  
Isolated power panels (IPS) for operating theatres with ATICS® automatic switching device  
MV-100 Surgical Light
MV-100™ Minor Surgical Light Products  
Merivaara MV-100™ is a small surgical light designed for patient examination, minor surgery and procedures.  
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