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Trenntransformator DS0107

Isolating transformer DS0107

The transformers of the DS0107 series have reinforced insulation and comply with the requirements of IEC 61558-1 / DIN EN 61558-1 (VDE 0570-1) and IEC 61558-2-15 DIN EN 61558-2-15 (VDE 0570-2-15).

In addition, the transformers comply with the requirements of IEC 60364-7-710 / DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710) for IT systems in medical locations. The windings are galvanically isolated. In order to minimize electrical interferences, an electrostatic screen is installed between the primary and secondary winding the lead out of which is connected to an insulated terminal for connection to the equipotential bonding.

The fixing angles are isolated from the transformer core in order to guarantee an isolated installation to comply with the requirements of DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710): 2002-11, para 710.512.1.6.2).

The transformers are available for horizontal and vertical installation. Protection against corrosion is guaranteed by a complete resin impregnation.
The transformers are designed for use in dry locations. Transformers of the SK2 series are completely encapsulated and fulfil the requirements of protection class II.


  • Built-in temperature sensors acc. to DIN 44081 (120 °C)
  • Screen winding with brought-out insulated connection terminal
  • Insulated mounting angles
  • Degree of protection IP00 (construction type: open)
  • Degree of protection IP23 (incl. enclosure)
  • Protection class I
  • Protection class II (option: completely encapsulated version)
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Classification of insulation ta40/B
  • Connections: screw terminals
  • Noise level < 35 dB (A)(no-load and nominal load)
  • Vector group: Yyn O

Isolating transformer DS0107 Variant(s)

Ordering information, Dimensions, Weight

TypeABCDEFGCu weightWeightArt. No.
DS0107/2000300 mm200 mm270 mm240 mm160 mm130 mm11 mm16 kg34 kgB924694
DS0107/3150360 mm210 mm325 mm310 mm170 mm135 mm11 mm28 kg63 kgB924106
DS0107/4000360 mm225 mm325 mm310 mm185 mm150 mm11 mm29 kg70 kgB924121
DS0107/5000360 mm240 mm325 mm310 mm200 mm165 mm11 mm31 kg77 kgB924112
DS0107/6300420 mm230 mm370 mm370 mm200 mm160 mm11 mm48 kg97 kgB924107
DS0107/8000420 mm245 mm370 mm370 mm215 mm175 mm11 mm51 kg107 kgB924628
DS0107/10000420 mm260 mm370 mm370 mm230 mm190 mm11 mm59 kg130 kgB924672
DS0107/2000K300 mm 310 mm240 mm162 mm130 mm11 mm16 kg34 kgB924687
DS0107/3150K360 mm 360 mm310 mm170 mm135 mm11 mm28 kg63 kgB924688
DS0107/4000K360 mm 360 mm310 mm185 mm150 mm11 mm29 kg70 kgB924689
DS0107/5000K360 mm 360 mm310 mm200 mm165 mm11 mm31 kg77 kgB924690
DS0107/6300K420 mm 420 mm370 mm200 mm160 mm11 mm48 kg97 kgB924691
DS0107/8000K420 mm 420 mm370 mm215 mm175 mm11 mm51 kg107 kgB924692
DS0107/10000K420 mm 420 mm370 mm230 mm190 mm11 mm59 kg130 kgB924693
DS0107/2000LG330 mm195 mm265 mm298 mm 200 mm7 mm16 kg34 kgB924695
DS0107/3150LG394 mm198 mm310 mm358 mm 240 mm9 mm28 kg63 kgB924658
DS0107/4000LG394 mm214 mm310 mm358 mm 240 mm9 mm29 kg70 kgB924659
DS0107/5000LG394 mm228 mm310 mm358 mm 240 mm9 mm31 kg77 kgB924660
DS0107/6300LG452 mm212 mm360 mm408 mm 280 mm12 mm48 kg97 kgB924661
DS0107/8000LG452 mm227 mm360 mm408 mm 280 mm12 mm51 kg107 kgB924662
DS0107/10000LG452 mm250 mm360 mm408 mm 280 mm12 mm59 kg130 kgB924679
DS0107/2000SK2410 mm190 mm400 mm380 mm330 mm125 mm11 mm16 kg49 kgB924696
DS0107/3150SK2520 mm190 mm450 mm490 mm390 mm135 mm11 mm28 kg75 kgB924122
DS0107/4000SK2520 mm190 mm450 mm490 mm390 mm135 mm11 mm29 kg80 kgB924123
DS0107/5000SK2520 mm200 mm450 mm490 mm390 mm150 mm11 mm31 kg86 kgB924124
DS0107/6300SK2520 mm200 mm500 mm490 mm450 mm150 mm11 mm48 kg107 kgB924125
DS0107/8000SK2520 mm215 mm500 mm490 mm450 mm175 mm11 mm51 kg130 kgB924126
DS0107/10000SK2520 mm230 mm500 mm490 mm450 mm175 mm11 mm59 kg155 kgB924678

Downloads for Isolating transformer DS0107

CE Declarations of conformity ESL0107 - DS0107 91.1 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2312.08.2022 06:17:23
Datasheets DS0107 463.2 KB DE2021/07/28 05:20:0128.07.2021 05:20:01D00105
Datasheets DS0107 450.3 KB EN2021/07/28 05:20:0828.07.2021 05:20:08D00105
Datasheets DS0107 430.5 KB ES2021/07/28 05:20:1628.07.2021 05:20:16D00105
Manuals Sicherheits-, Montage- und Wartungshaltungshinweise für Trenn-Transformatoren 699.6 KB DE2022/06/14 07:19:0914.06.2022 07:19:09D00463
Manuals Safety, installation and maintenance instructions for isolating transformers 699.6 KB EN2022/06/14 07:19:0914.06.2022 07:19:09D00463