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  • Increase of the ISOMETER® nominal voltage range
  • Used with ISOMETER® of the iso685 series
  • For AC up to 1150 V, DC up to 1760 V

The AGH150W or AGH150W-4 coupling device is designed to extend the nominal voltage range of the ISOMETER® iso685… series. The coupling device is connected to the system being monitored by two poles and connected to the terminal AK resp. L1/L2/L3 of the ISOMETER® by means of the terminal AKxxx.

AGH150… Variant(s)

TypeNominal system voltage UnArt. No.
AGH150WAC 0…1150 V/DC 0…1100 VB915576
AGH150W-4AC 0…1150 V/DC 0…1760 VB98018006

Downloads for AGH150…

CE Declarations of conformity AGH 145.4 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2512.08.2022 06:17:25
Certificates TÜV NORD - AGH150x, CTACx, CTBCx, EDS44x, CTUB10x, MRCDB30x und RCMB30x 437.3 KB DE2023/01/12 14:43:4612.01.2023 14:43:46
Certificates TÜV NORD - AGH150x, CTACx, CTBCx, EDS44x, CTUB10x, MRCDB30x and RCMB30x 417.2 KB EN2023/01/12 14:43:5312.01.2023 14:43:53
Datasheets AGH150xx 407.0 KB DE2022/07/12 05:48:0812.07.2022 05:48:08D00093
Datasheets AGH150xx 404.1 KB EN2022/07/12 05:48:2512.07.2022 05:48:25D00093
Datasheets AGH150xx 405.2 KB ES2022/07/12 05:48:3812.07.2022 05:48:38D00093
Datasheets AGH150W-4 163.1 KB ZH2019/05/13 10:31:3213.05.2019 10:31:32D00093
Manuals AGH150xx 1.6 MB DE2022/07/12 05:49:0412.07.2022 05:49:04D00093
Manuals AGH150xx 1.6 MB EN2022/07/12 05:49:0412.07.2022 05:49:04D00093
Manuals AGH150W-4 174.0 KB FR2019/05/13 10:31:5413.05.2019 10:31:54D00093