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  • Automatic insulation fault location
  • Application control circuits
  • 6 measuring channels
  • Integrated measuring current transformers
  • Universal system concept

The insulation fault locator EDS151 in conjunction with the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH, are designed for insulation fault location in unearthed power supplies (IT systems). The locating current pulse generated by the ISOMETER® IRDH575 or the locating current injector PGH are detected using the integrated measuring current transformers and evaluated by the insulation fault locators. The integration of six measuring current transformers in an EDS151 permits all current-carrying conductors of an outgoing line to be routed through. The response time for an alarm message inclusively indication on the respective display device is max. 8 s (e.g. MK2430/MK800).

A total of 88 EDS151 devices can be connected via an RS-485 interface (BMS protocol). Hence, up to 528 circuits can be monitored. Activities on the BMS bus are indicated by an alarm LED.

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  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • 6 measuring channels with measuring current transformer per EDS151
  • Up to 528 measuring channels can be combined by the BMS bus in the IT system being monitored: 88 x 6 measuring channels
  • Response sensitivity EDS151: 0.5 mA
  • A response time of up to 8 s in the AC system acc. to IEC 61557-9
  • RS-485 interface with BMS protocol
  • BMS address range 3…90
  • Cyclical self test
  • Insulation fault location in AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems
  • DC main circuits in industrial plants, power stations and ships
  • IT systems for medical locations and control circuits


Optional accessories for ISOSCAN® EDS151

TypeSupply voltageOutput voltageArt. No.Note
AN410AC 90…264 V, 47…63Hz*
DC 120…370 V*
DC 24 V, 420 mAB924209Supplies up to six EDS151
AN430AC 85…264 V, 47…63Hz*DC 24 V, 1300 mAB924208Supplies up to 20 EDS151
AN450AC 230 V, 50…60 HzAC 20 V, 500 mAB924201Supplies up to six EDS151
AN450-133AC 127 V, 50…60 HzAC 20 V, 500 mAB924203Supplies up to six EDS151
* Absolute values of the voltage range

Variants of ISOSCAN® EDS151

TypeSupply voltage*Art. No.
EDS151AC 17…24 V, 50…60Hz/DC 14…28 VB91080101
* Absolute values of the voltage range

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