The CTUB100 series measuring current transformers are combinations of CTBC… measuring current transformer cores and CTUB10… electronic modules, which convert AC and DC currents into an evaluable measurement signal. The measurement signals can be evaluated using devices of the RCMA420/423 or RCMS460/490 series. The measuring current transformers are connected to the respective devices via a 2- or 6-core cable. They can be used in DC, AC, and 3(N)AC systems.

The CTUB101-CTBCxx measuring current transformers are intended for connection to devices of the RCMA420/423 series and are supplied directly from the evaluator with the supply voltage DC ±12 V via the 6-core cable.

The CTUB102-CTBCxx measuring current transformers are intended for connection to RCMS460/490. If the CTUB102-CTBCxx measuring current transformers are connected to an RCMS460/490 system, a DC 24 V power supply unit is required for the measuring current transformers, which is available as an accessory.

The measuring current transformer cores of the CTBC20P…210P series feature an integrated magnetic shield and are suitable for applications with high load currents or inrush currents.

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  • Combined test and reset button
  • Multicolour LED for operation, fault and status messages
  • Exchangeable electronic module without mechanical separation of the primary conductors
  • Extension/retrofitting or modification of functionalities in case of changed monitoring requirements
  • Insensitive to load currents due to full magnetic shield (CTUB10x-CTBC20P…210P only)
  • Monitoring of the connection to the measuring current transformer
  • Supply voltage DC ±12 V/DC 24 V
  • CTUB101-CTBC20…60 for AC/DC sensitive residual current monitors of the RCMA420 series
  • CTUB10x-CTBC20…210 for residual current monitoring systems of the RCMS460/490 series as well as for RCMA423 residual current monitor
  • CTUB10x-CTBC20P…210P for residual current monitoring systems of the RCMS460/490 series as well as for RCMA420/423 residual current monitors. Can be used for short-term system-related load currents.

Optional accessories for LINETRAXX® CTUB100 series

Spare parts electronic modules
TypeSupply voltage UsArt. No.
CTUB101DC ±12 VB78120050
CTUB102 DC 24 VB78120051
Required terminals or connecting cables are optionally available.

Spare parts measuring current transformer cores
TypeInternal diameterArt. No.
CTBC2020 mmB98120001
CTBC20P20 mmB98120002
CTBC3535 mmB98120003
CTBC35P35 mmB98120004
CTBC6060 mmB98120005
CTBC60P60 mmB98120006
CTBC120120 mmB98120007
CTBC120P120 mmB98120020
CTBC210210 mmB98120008
CTBC210P210 mmB98120021
P = full magnetic shield

Connecting cables
Length (m)Connection toNameArt. No.

Voltage supply
Typemax. connected current transformersArt. No.
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/0.54B94053110
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/1.7514B94053111
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/4.234B94053112

Type designationArt. No.
Snap-on mounting for CTBC20 and CTBC20PB91080111
Snap-on mounting for CTBC35 and CTBC35PB91080112
(included in scope of delivery)

Variants of LINETRAXX® CTUB100 series

TypeSupply voltageCurrent transformer diameterShieldingArt. No.
CTUB101-CTBC20DC ±12 Vø 20-B78120010
CTUB101-CTBC20PDC ±12 Vø 20xB78120020
CTUB101-CTBC35DC ±12 Vø 35-B78120012
CTUB101-CTBC35PDC ±12 Vø 35xB78120022
CTUB101-CTBC60DC ±12 Vø 60-B78120014
CTUB101-CTBC60PDC ±12 Vø 60xB78120024
CTUB101-CTBC120DC ±12 Vø 120-B78120016
CTUB101-CTBC120PDC ±12 Vø 120xB78120026
CTUB101-CTBC210DC ±12 Vø 210-B78120018
CTUB101-CTBC210PDC ±12 Vø 210xB78120028
CTUB102-CTBC20DC 24 Vø 20-B78120011
CTUB102-CTBC20PDC 24 Vø 20xB78120021
CTUB102-CTBC35DC 24 Vø 35-B78120013
CTUB102-CTBC35PDC 24 Vø 35xB78120023
CTUB102-CTBC60DC 24 Vø 60-B78120015
CTUB102-CTBC60PDC 24 Vø 60xB78120025
CTUB102-CTBC120DC 24 Vø 120-B78120017
CTUB102-CTBC120PDC 24 Vø 120xB78120027
CTUB102-CTBC210DC 24 Vø 210-B78120019
CTUB102-CTBC210PDC 24 Vø 210xB78120029

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