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Sun Dec 16 15:50:52 2018


  • For MRCD applications in combination with a circuit breaker
  • AC/DC sensitive measured value acquisition type B
  • For personnel protection applications
  • Insensitive to load currents due to magnetic full-screen

The AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring module RCMB35-30-… is used for residual current monitoring in earthed systems (TN and TT systems).

It detects direct and/or alternating fault currents. The switching output opens as soon as a response value of 30 mA is reached.

By the application of an RCMB35-30-01 and a switching component with isolating properties this device combination fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 60947-2 Annex M for an MRCD protective device. The switching component must not exceed a disconnection time of 20 ms.

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  • Realisation of a protective device in accordance with DIN EN 60947-2 Annex M in combination with circuit-breakers providing isolating properties
  • Integral switching output for controlling an undervoltage release
  • Combined test and reset button
  • Monitoring of the connection to the measuring current transformer with cyclical test current
  • Insensitive to load currents due to a full magnetic shielding
  • Multicolour LED indicating operation, response value exceeded and fault detected
  • AC/DC sensitive measured value acquisition
  • Response value IΔn ≤ 30 mA
  • Rated frequency range
    RCMB35-30-01: 0…1 kHz
    RCMB35-30-02: 0…10 kHz
  • Supply voltage DC 24 V
  • Measuring current transformer, inside diameter 35 mm


Variants of LINETRAXX® RCMB35-30-…

TypeSupply voltage US*Inside diameter/mmArt. No.
RCMB35-30-01DC 20.4…28.8 V35B94042100
RCMB35-30-02DC 20.4…28.8 V35B94042106
* Absolute values

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