The relays of the SB146 series monitor the secondary circuits of welding transformers for fault voltages. A total of six secondary circuits can be monitored.

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  • Voltage monitoring of six secondary circuits of welding transformers
  • Alarm LEDs for fault voltage per channel, PE/KE interruption interruption of the measuring line
  • Connection monitoring of measuring line and earth connection
  • Fault memory
  • Reset button
  • 1 potential-free changeover contact
  • 45 mm enclosure
  • Monitoring of welding equipment according to DIN VDE 0545 (VDE 0545-1)


Variants of SB146

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
SB146-34AC 10…65 V/DC 10…90 VB93083017
SB146-35AC 65…276 V/DC 90…308 VB93083018

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