Product Overview - Residual Current Monitoring

4 Information advantage – a key success factor Daily international business activities, continuous competitive pressure, the impact of soaring costs and operational availability around the clock – all this requires the maximum possible level of electrical safety for power supplies in industrial, residential and functional buildings. Continuous monitoring of safety-relevant circuits for fault, residual and operating currents as well as for stray currents. You gain information regarding potential critical operating conditions at an early stage, thus avoiding: n Danger to persons n Fire damage and material damage n EMC interferences Your benefits: n Preventive electrical safety for man and machine n High availability of power supply systems n Reducing EMC interferences n Time and cost-optimised maintenance n Significant reduction of operating costs and cost risks n Saving potential thanks to periodic verification according to the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 3 Residual current monitoring with RCM – increase system availability and reduce costs Innovative measurement technology for all types of fault currents Modern loads, such as variable-speed drives or switched-mode power supplies generate fault currents that have nothing in common with the good old sine wave. Today, a wide range of harmonics in most versatile waveforms exist in every power supply system. The solution: AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring (true r.m.s. value measurement) and analysis of the harmonics. Universal residual current monitoring for: n Data centres, EDP equipment and systems n Banks, insurance companies n Office and administration buildings n Hospitals, medical practices n Power generation and distribution n Power stations n TV and broadcasting stations n Communication technology systems n Traffic engineering (airports, railway, ships, etc.) n Continuous production processes (even with variable-speed drives) and many more facilities. Information advantage thanks to RCM mA h Time Alarm Shutdown P rotection of persons S ystem protection P rotection against fire Information advantage ∆t Fault current