ATICS® offers unbeatable advantages Easy operability and perfect overview by clear menu structure and user guidance Correct information at the right time by clear messages via an illuminated graphic display and via bus Safe manual changeover during service by integrated manual/automatic mode with mechani- cal restart interlock Complete documentation of the following events n Changeover procedures n Testing n Parameter changes External functional test or replacement without service interruption by optional bypass-switch Functional safety SIL2 according to IEC 61508 guarantees protection against malfunction hazards Constant self-monitoring of electronic system and circuit paths with automatic notification Preventive safety by automatic reminders for prescribed tests Maximum reliability during changeover by n patented changeover system with mechanical and electrical interlock n weld-free switching contacts with circuit breaker mechanism n insensitive to voltage fluctuations or vibrations, for example, by stable switching position and permanent contact pressure n Monitoring for short-circuits Compact design of electronic system and switching elements in one enclosure Changeover, IT systemmonitoring and locating current injector in one unit Simple wirings by integrated design Completely pluggable Small space required Tests according to the regulations without interruption of power supply Can easily be integrated in existing systems Safe Compact User-friendly Efficient