| MONITOR | 1/2016 ractical Page A Expertise Practical implementation of the central earthing point Newly constructed electrical instal- lations designed as earthed systems (TN systems) now need to be installed as TN-S systems. ”444.4.3.1 TN-C systems are not to be used in newly constructed buildings that contain or are likely to contain a significant amount of information technolo- gy equipment. Maintaining TN-C systems in existing buildings is not recommended when these buildings contain or are likely to contain a significant amount of information technology equipment.” From DIN VDE 0100-444:2010-10 Low-voltage electrical installations– Part 4-444: Protective measures – Protection against interference voltages and electro- magnetic disturbances Power supply systems designed as TN-S systems with central earthing points are the basis for high levels of system availability and safety. For a newly constructed installation, it is sufficient to set up a clean TN-S system from the supply point. From PEN splitting to PE and N, no further connection exists between the neutral con- ductor and earth (PE). This design guarantees a high level of electromagnetic compatibility within the system and largely avoids interference currents on equipotential bonding conductors, shielded cables and third-party conductive components in the building structure. 48 2/2018 | MONITOR | CEP monitoring with a residual current sensor from Bender