Small but safe power packs for domestic use


A combined heat and power unit (CHP) is a modular system for the extraction of electrical energy and heat. This is operated at the point of heat consumption. It is based on the principle of combined heat and power. Combustion engines, e.g. diesel, vegetable oil or gas engines, gas turbines and Stirling egnines can all be used as drive for the power generator. As with generators, the electro-technical monitoring is based on the insulation level or on the existing fault current, depending on the supply system (IT, TN). The frequency and the voltage also need to be within a specific range in order to be able to be fed into the general power grid.


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Insulation monitoring

Residual current monitoring

Measuring and monitoring relays


  • DIN EN 60255-127
  • CEI 0-21
  • VDE-AR-N 4105
  • C10/11
  • BDEW-Richtlinie
  • DIN VDE 0126-1-1/A1
  • G59/2
  • G59/3
  • G83/2
  • G83/3
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