Drive and conveyor technology

Antriebs- und Fördertechnik

Electric motors or pumps powered by gentle starters or frequency converters are increasingly found in modern systems. However, these generate critical harmonic vibrations in the feeding AC system. Regular RCD or simple insulation monitors (e.g. 3 lamp method or 2 voltmeter process) cannot maintain an overview of this. The leakage currents and the load on the insulation of the motors also have to be observed. There is a need for modern monitoring equipment from Bender which recognises and reports these problems quickly.


Insulation monitoring

Insulation fault location

Residual current monitoring

Measuring current transformers


  • EN 61557-8
  • EN 61557-9
  • EN 61557-15
  • DIN EN 50178
  • IEC 60204-1
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